Friday, 4 October 2013


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Manly Beach was lovely, and we had a good afternoon there although it was pretty crowded (Sunday crowds) and slightly chilly. Gen and I got rid of our stockings so that we could enjoy the sand in our toes. After sitting and playing in the sand for quite a while, we went to soak our feet in the seawater until the sun started setting, while Jo chose to sit in the sand and bury my flats because he said our feet will get gross with the sand + water. No regrets though! I would say I still love the sand at Bondi Beach more. But it was still nice to have some beach time with Gen, and I managed to snap some shots that I love.
Oh and it definitely still beats the hell out of Sentosa. Look at that clear blue sea! Love.


-Just to let you know my Macbook has screwed up and won't start up. Its been a whole night. So, if I can't get it repaired without losing all my stuff, I might not be blogging for awhile! Lets hope I come back from the service center with good news! If not I'll be sobbing in the corner of my room for a day... or two. Crossing my fingers!-

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