Sunday, 27 October 2013


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Before I left for Sydney, I read about the Magnum Pleasure Store, but guessed I wouldn't be able to try it since after discussion with Jo, 7 bucks for a Magnum seemed too expensive. However, after mentioning to Gen, she immediately said she had been wanting to try it too! So we threw all the hesitation aside and went for it on one of our last days in Sydney! The queue was really long but worth it!

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We're crazy about popping candy in our treats and were so disappointed that they taped it off the menu. :/

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Joash had a white chocolate dipped Magnum topped with crumbled meringue, dried strawberries, honeycomb pieces, one of the chopped nuts, and a dark chocolate drizzle.

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Gen had a milk chocolate dipped Magnum, topped with honeycomb pieces, crumbled biscuit and chopped macadamias (I think!). 

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I'm not too sure why I don't have a solo shot with my Magnum but this is mine! I had a milk chocolate dipped Magnum, topped with honeycomb pieces, crumbled biscuit, chopped almonds and white chocolate drizzle. It was so so so so good. I really liked the honeycomb. It adds a whole new malt tint to the Magnum that I really love!

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Singapore has its own Magnum Pleasure Store, and for awhile now! The one at Vivo City will be open till 30 November, 11am to 10.30pm daily, so you should go down to check it out and get your own creations done! :)


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