Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Koreatown! If you read about the previous korean meal we had in the city, you'd know that wasn't the only time we had korean on our Sydney trip. Gen took us down to Sydney's Koreatown for more! I love Korean food so bring it onnnn.

 photo P8156783_zpsd80ba2d2.jpgOur first stop that night was 'the best Korean Fried Chicken' from Red Pepper at the Strathfield Sports Club. Its fried chicken drenched in like a yumtastic thick sauce. There was the non-spicy which was sweet and awesome, and then there was the painfully spicy one that made me cry at first bite. Hahaha I didn't eat more than one, and Gen and Jo finished the whole box. They were in terrible pain, it felt so painful to watch them. Hahaha Its crazy. 

Although, bring your passport/IDs if you happen to go there at night. Only those above 18 were let in (because they sold alcohol), and because I didn't have my passport to verify I definitely older than 18, we ate in the freezing cold. Brrrr. Which helped with the heat I think. A bit. X)

 photo P8156784_zps70df14a1.jpg
 photo P8156796_zps650eb0c7.jpg
We then went to Mojee for a proper dinner! Which was a little place above a flight of stairs. Okay, not so little, but still nice and cozy feeling!

 photo P8156788_zps993dcc73.jpg
Seafood soup! (It had a funkier name like '...clear sea' or smth but I don't remember heehee) Because it was so terribly cold outside, this was like the hot chocolate to our winter. Warmth to our soul. 

 photo P8156791_zps6ff48c64.jpg
Jap Chae again!!! Potato noodles with beef & veg. Yum. I still haven't found/had this in Singapore.

 photo P8156798_zpsa9f82b21.jpg
MY NUMBER ONE. Leek & Seafood Savoury Pancake. Rather than the one at Cafe C'Ya, I really loved this because I love my Korean pancakes to be the floury type more than the egg-y type. I think I ate most of this. Hahaha Gen and Jo were too full from the Red Pepper Chicken earlier.

 photo P8156801_zps826f605f.jpg

That was all the Korean food we had that night, but we came back to Strathfield another day to have Korean BBQ Buffet! I don't remember which shop this was though, it was around the corner from a whole row of Korean buffet places, soooo, it might be hard to find. We stood around in the cold looking for it for quite a while.

 photo P8207461_zps716f4f08.jpg  photo P8207466_zps98df50ec.jpg
Lovely buffet faces all around guys. X)


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