Monday, 30 September 2013


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For our trip to the Blue Mountains, we got the MyMulti Day Pass which gave us unlimited access to all public transportation, including ferries! So we took a ferry ride when we got back at night, just for the sake of taking a ferry ride and making our MyMulti Day Pass worth it. But it was really fun, I have a ferry post coming up to talk about my love for ferries so I shall not say much here. Other than taking the ferry at night is something special. It feels so serene and calming, I found myself just staring up at the sky for a few minutes during the ride. Oh, and: How creepy is the face at the gate of Luna Park at night. Right? With its glowing teeth and creepy bright eyes. Children might cry before they even get into the park! Haha 

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We got off the ferry at Darling Harbour to have dinner at Hurricane's Grill. I think Gen would like if I conveyed her words: "don't look at anything else on the menu except the RIBS, and garlic bread." It was apparently so good, that even friends back in Singapore were telling us to eat at Hurricane's when we got to Sydney. But it truly was really really good. Four of us had three full racks of ribs, one of which Joash finished on his own. But us girls devoured our portions too. Then again the long queue (think it was 45mins) probably made everything taste that much tastier to our growling stomachs, but it did meet our high expectations! Although it wasn't top of my list, all of the top is asian food. :P


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