Friday, 2 August 2013


 photo oneyearin_zps6c65a28b.jpg Theres a word in the dictionary of blogging jargon for a day like today - its called a blogiversary. It sounds really funny to me so let's just say we've come full circle and its been a year since this blog was launched! Yippee! Give me a moment while I skip around my room for a bit.

I remember all the reasons and motivations that led me to start up House of Daydreams. I've had blogs before certainly, but they were pretty hush-hushed and definitely not ones with as much focus, conscious effort and goals. I knew when I went into this that blogging wasn't easy. Looking back, it wasn't my best effort, seeing how the only month that seemed to be productive (based on regularity) was my first month of blogging. But the burn out is real. At times I didn't even want to have to do anything with my blog. Although you would have noticed that at various points of the year I did try to pump myself up by reminding myself of what I wanted for this space, and today I do the same.

I just wanted to say I'm grateful for each of you who have stopped by to look at my blog or commented at one point or another. Thanks to the friends who come up to me with kind words about the blog; I know I get really awkward/embarrassed, but it does make me feel happy! Thanks for the friends and family, especially my sister, who have been encouraging me from the start, sharing my posts, and pushing and reminding me when I need to. Even Mo, whom I'm sure found the whole idea really awkward at first, for being really supportive and being happy with me (instead of making fun of me) every time I go to him saying 'they shared my post!' or 'a blogger I follow commented!'. Hahaha I sound really pathetic I know but hey, its fun and it makes me happy so why pretend it doesn't?

Looking forward, I want to be able to put more into this space. It has certainly taught me a lot over the past year and even before that while I was just toying with the idea of it. But I'm pretty sure I can do more, and thats what I intend to do. School is only going to get busier for the rest of this year (Fall semester is going to be a hectic one), but I'll find the time with good planning, determination and God's help in managing my life well. 

There is definitely going to more to come, that's for sure.


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