Friday, 30 August 2013


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KOREAN FOOD. YUM. Gen took us to her favourite korean restaurant in Sydney, just down the street from her place, for dinner on the first night of our trip, and boy was it good. Cafe C'ya is hidden in a little street off George Street so its easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. But you should be looking for it because it is sure to make a hearty korean meal that you are sure to enjoy.

I didn't know I had so little photos of the place, but yeah, you can see above we had bugolgi & seafood korean pancake. We also had kimchi(?) seafood soup that is just perfect for cold winter days, and Beef Jap Chae on our 2nd visit, which is potato noodles. This trip marks my first time trying Jap Chae, which is weird, because I've actually been to Korea, but I guess I just never thought to order it. But I found that I really like it! It has this unique chewy texture, and the dish itself is so yummy. I think I'm going to walk into Korean food places and look out for Jap Chae from now on. Oh and as like any regular Korean restaurant, they serve side dishes. There were bean sprouts, kimchi, macaroni and some jelly like thing in a sauce that I found really strange to eat, but Gen & Jo like it so its probably just me. I must just be weird. Hahaha

This isn't the only time we had Korean on the trip. We ate here twice, once in another restaurant that I'll post about, and another time at a korean buffet place. Gen assures us that in Sydney, whats good is the Asian food. We had quite a bit of Asian food and Cafe food too during our trip and I must say I do agree with her. When we think of the best meals, they are ones when we had Asian food. Korean, Jap, Thai. Those were the best and they never did disappoint. Which might seem weird I guess, it being Australia. But I loved them and still lick my lips when I think of them. Which, since I came back, has been often. ;)


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