Tuesday, 30 July 2013


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With the cancellation of my exam yesterday morning, I found myself with nothing to do (or rather, nothing that I felt needed to be done) and so I pretty much ended up spending almost the whole day scouring the web for anything I could find about things to do in Sydney (and as seen above, plotting them all on an offline map app) ... because I'm headed there for 11 days in two more weeks!!! *whoop whoop!* I really can't wait to leave and forget about school for a bit, before it starts all over again the week after I get back, such a drag.

I've probably read more than 20 websites and 50 blogs about the food, attractions, events, and everything else that popped up on google search about Sydney. If you have a blog talking about Sydney, chances are that I found it. Hahaha After all that reading and ogling at pictures, I'm getting really excited to actually be there. Mostly for the food, and the weekend markets. I was telling my friend Gen, whom I will be staying with in Sydney, that theres just so many things to be done on the weekend but I only have one weekend, and man, that just gets me down. But hey, I'm glad she's there to tell me whats good and what isn't. Heehee

Anyway I did find a few really interesting things online while doing my research:

The Sydney 360 is wayy cool. After seeing the price to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I told Joash, my trip buddy, that he can go climb it on his own if he wants to. Hahaha Instead, I'll just make do with the view the Sydney 360 provides me. Like seriously, you can look at the view all around "you" (even the floor) as "you" climb up the bridge. You can even -virtually- visit Taronga Zoo, surf at Bondi Beach, cycle at Manly, or kayak under the bridge at Sydney Harbour, like, right now. Try it right now for a five minute escape through your computer screen.

Art & Life Work-Shop is a little place in Sydney that offers a range of short courses that focus on art, crafts and life-skills. This reminded my quite a bit of the idea behind the classes of Handmade Movement SG, and I'm always up for learning something fun. So you can imagine that I was psyched to discover this when I did, and got more excited when I saw the Logo Design, Hand Lettering and Intro to Stencil Art courses they were currently having. And then my bubble burst because neither is available during the time period that I'm there. WHY. Sigh. But it would be a lovely place to check back with if you do stay in Sydney. This month's courses look fun; they had Screen Printing, Book Binding, Illustration in a Digital Age, and Flower Crown making! Fun stuff.

City of Sydney 101 Workshops are workshops/seminars that focus on giving small business owners an idea of where/how to start with their new projects. The workshops go from general (starting up a small business, food business) to specific (food trucks, small bars, pop ups), and are presented by the staff, state government agencies, industry representatives or people who have been successful. I think its a really really good idea. Everyone needs to start some where and the fact that Sydney has this platform to reach out to those who need to know more is gonna be very encouraging to aspiring small business owners.

These were just some of the things. Some other things I found included the opportunity to meet some of my favourite Masterchef Australia contestants who I have been watching on TV every night (I kind of want to tell Audra and Mindy how awesome I think they are...) at the Masterchef Dining and Bar Pop-up Restaurant (which is way out of my budget so *sob*), and also the Magnum Pleasure Pop-up store which totally psychs me up but is quite ex for what essentially is a Magnum... Other than that, I guess the rest will have to wait until I get on the plane and fly off for my little escape trip! I can't wait!


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