Wednesday, 12 June 2013


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Mo enlisted today, and other than his mum, he refused to let anyone else send him off. Jo and I both got rejected, although I think he was much fiercer to Jo. Haha! I have tried everything over the past few days. I want to see you off. I want to see your hair cut. I want to accompany your mum, how can you let her go alone. WHY NOT?? I won't get the chance to go for this thing again. I just want to go. But to no avail. Nothing can change the way this guy thinks. Haha

I suddenly find myself with nothing to do. Its not that I used to spend all the time with him. I guess its just, knowing that I can't seek him out with a message or a call whenever I want. And that feels weird. So today, to stop thinking about doing that I splurged my time on a new drama and took a really long nap. Which helped I guess, since I was looking forward to a call or message late at night. (which came around 10.30pm, and for some reason I was so ecstatic haha). I know I'll miss him, but I guess he's right. It's only 3 weeks, and its not like he doesn't have a phone. I admire the way this guy thinks sometimes. 

Apologies for the hiatus. School started three weeks ago and for six weeks (well, now two weeks left before my class schedule changes) I have the most free time in a semester for a student. I'm basically free all afternoon everyday. But honestly speaking I have been spending all my free time on time wasters (eg. over the past five weeks I have watched 8 korean/japanese drama series). Although I did spend some time studying for and exam and more recently trying to spend more time with Mo. So I guess with this I should really spend some time blogging again. 

My sister was laughing at me the other day when she found out I haven't been blogging for awhile, saying: "Remember that time you were like 'okay I am going to blog regularly from now!'?" I can make no excuses, it is true that I lost my drive for a bit. I didn't even have the motivation to edit photos or upload them. Haha But I intend to rearrange my priorities and time a bit, and then I hope to be able to be here regularly! Be back soon!


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