Saturday, 22 June 2013


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I turned 20 this week! Or rather, twenteen. *denial* Haha 

It wasn't a particularly eventful week, but still felt special nonetheless!
I had a quiet birthday cooped up at home (away from the haze) watching episode after episode of City Hunter (whoo Lee Min Ho! ...don't ask.). It was lonely but lovely, so somewhat bittersweet. Yeaaah, it might not make sense but I've been drama obsessed recently so try to understand that it makes me pretty happy. Hahaha But my family took me out of the house for a yummy dinner at Casa Tartufo (2nd time this month!).
My lovely church friends took me out for dinner the day before my birthday, which happened to be Moses's birthday. He gave a big I-wish-I-was-there sigh over the phone when I told him we went out. Hahaha Poor army boy. It felt weird that we weren't getting to spend our birthdays together after doing so for so many years, and it made me miss him that much more. 
My UB mates surprised me with a cake in school, and if it weren't for them I might not have got to make any birthday wishes or blow out any candles. Hehe 

Turning 20 doesn't feel any different honestly. My mother keeps saying things like 'no longer a teenager' 'be more mature' etc, but people don't change overnight. Maybe one day I will feel more mature, more grown up, or maybe have to mature or grow up. But for now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I can still be a child and get away with it. 

Happy Birthday to all my other June Babies! :)


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