Monday, 13 May 2013


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What did you do for Mothers' Day? I made these simple notebooks for all the mothers of my closest church friends, because I think they deserve to know that we appreciate everything they've done for us a group: feeding us, opening their houses to us, lending us the car to go out together and so much more. 

My family went for a good lunch with church friends after church and had a Mothers' Day gathering with the extended family in the evening, before going to the airport to pick up my godmother who is back after months at work overseas. It was a simple day with no extravagance.

My mother means a lot to me. I know she's given up a lot for us, and continues to push herself even with her back pains and headaches. She's very self-sacrificial, always doing things for the church and at work that no one else wants to do, and even if sometimes she gets overwhelmed and I tell her to stop taking up so much responsibilities, she still does them. Many a times she goes to church on a weekday to do things that need to be done by herself. She always reminds me that anything you can do for God or give to God is an honour. It's not a chore, or a waste. It should be a joy and a privilege. 

Its not always smooth-sailing with my mum, we fight every once in a while. It frustrates me every time she makes herself worry over nothing, like when I want to go out at night and she doesn't see eye to eye with me. Most times, I understand where she's coming from, and I see what she means, but I don't agree easily. From my position as a teen/young adult, I do not understand. So I can see how I frustrate her easily too. Its a trying time. Sure I have said I wish my school had a hostel to escape to, but I don't think I could live so comfortably to this day without my mother. She always tells me: "When I go for my long holiday, I think this house is going to become a dump." I kinda agree. My mum upkeeps this house like a boss. And it gets extreme sometimes, but I'm proud of her motherliness. 

I know friends who don't receive much attention or care from their mothers and that always reminds me to appreciate my mother. As much as she over worries, I know she does things for my good. I would rather have my mum, then a mum who lets me do whatever I want but isn't really high up on the scale of motherly behaviour. I know there are many ways in which I hope to grow up to be like my mum. She's an inspiration, she's detailed, she's meticulous, she always puts in her best effort in everything and never does slipshod work, she cooks the best food, she's very family-oriented, she's responsible, she takes it in her stride to make sure everybody in the family, immediate and extended, is taken care of, even if she has so sacrifice a lot of time for them. My mum is a supermother and more, and I don't tell her often, but I love her so for that. 


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