Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Act-BadAss. Haha! We had a little fun with some temporary tattoos while we were waiting for prawns to bite our bait during our prawning session! I love my friends for not caring how terrible the tattoos were. Everyone was super on about it! Wayne even let us put a dragon on him! Hahaha The boys even came up with silly names for most of the tattoos. You'll see some in the captions below, but I don't remember them all!

 photo P5054901_zps04e91316.jpg
My sweet lil' gecko.

 photo P5054891_zpsafe9738c.jpg  photo P5054892_zps0c1e8f24.jpg
'Wise old moon'

 photo P5054888_zps53daf39c.jpg
'The Majestic Chicken'

 photo P5054884_zpse2da10d9.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps364cbef4.jpg
The butterfly looks good on Ale. And here's Wayne with the dragon! X)

 photo pantherheart_zps5307c810.jpg
I think this one was 'Heartbreaker' or something.

 photo Photo-5-5-13-3-38-52-PM_zps40f47492.jpg
The Lucky Fish
They said it was to bring them luck in prawning. Hahaha

 photo Untitled-2_zps4577a2f8.jpg
We stuck the dragonfly on Wayne, because he's so manly about everything but he's afraid of dragonflies. Hahaha okay thats not too true, he's generally afraid of bugs flying into his ears. But we've only seen his strong reaction to dragonflies. Hehe
The right one was on Ale. She initially wanted it to be 'Hand on Hand'.

 photo P5054899_zps01516088.jpg
'Chariot O' Fire'

These were already the better ones in the booklet of temp tattoos. Most of them are horrendous! But we had a saying: If you're going to do it, might as well go all out! So the guys ended up choosing the bigger ones. Hahaha I like how no one felt too mature for them. Although I started getting a bit conscious when we were taking the MRT home. Suddenly we were in a very public place and I became really conscious, trying to cover up the moon on Mo's neck with my hand. Hahahaha He told me in mock-seriousness: "Why! I'm proud of it!" Hahahaha We need to do this again soon. X)


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