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Last week, I got to go on the overseas trip I needed to make the last two weeks feel like an actual holiday. Okay, so its just one day in Malaysia, but hey, I'll take what I can get. My friends and I visited Legoland! The whole park is so colourful, and the weather was pretty good, thus you can imagine that the photos all came out brilliantly! So. Hard. To. Pick. What. To. Post. So I'm splitting the pictures up into two posts: things we did and things we saw.

Legoland is a really big park, but theres a lot of walking space and also a lot of the space is used for MiniLand, where they have miniature landmarks made out of lego. Activity wise, I think theres quite a bit to do, but if you go on a weekday when the park is really empty like we did and you don't queue much for anything, then you'll probably feel like they could use a lot more rides. Hahaha but it was alright, and it looks like they are opening a Legoland Water Park so there should be enough fun to last you the whole day!

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There are quite a number of roller coasters in the park! One of the fun ones was the Project X ride, where you are dispatched cart by cart in coaster carts that sit four. The first drop is exciting, and the rest of the ride just feels really thrilling because you're so worried you're gonna fall off the side. Seriously. You have to try it to feel it. I screamed/laughed hysterically at at every sharp turn. Hahaha

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They were spinning like crazy when I snapped these. I love my camera for being able to take these shots. ^^ Oh, I refuse to sit this (Technic Twister) because anything that goes round and round like teacups just gives me a massive headache. And my friends like to spin the wheel in the centre to make them spin extra fast. So no thanks. Hahaha

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This coaster is the Dragon's Apprentice and it looks really small (it IS really short) but its still pretty exciting and really fast, and it runs two rounds every time. Karin wasn't screaming "THIS IS NOT A CHILD'S RIDE!" this time. So it must still be pretty tame, or her expectations went up. Hahahaa 

 photo P5145233_zps9c82de8f.jpg They have a larger roller coaster called The Dragon which is more thrilling. Although the initial part of the ride goes through a cave like area where there is some sort of story going on (I think) portrayed by sets made of lego. While its nice to look at, the whole cave area is not only not air-conditioned, its also not well ventilated, so its super stuffy and warm. We couldn't wait to get out of there. But the rest of the ride was pretty good. Really fast, and scary. :D

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This was the only really wet ride, Dina Island. If you think, nah, probably won't get too wet after sitting on this log ride, you're wrong. I was sharing a rain coat with Jo (don't ask), and I still got pretty wet. Haha The ride was pretty short though, I think the Jurassic Park water ride in USS is much more thrilling. And whats up with the Dinosaurs and water rides trend. -.-

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I always look forward to the shooting rides. Disneyland has the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Toy Story Mania (the best/most unique), Universal Studios (Orlando) has Men In Black: Alien Attack (which is SUPER fun, our USS needs one). Legoland has one called Lost Kingdom, which is fun because of the challenge but quite a number of the guns are pretty weak so your laser spot might be directly on the target but you can't seem to shoot it. Its not as exciting as the ones in the big parks, but it'll do. Especially since its catered for kids.

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Boating school! This is pretty fun. Slow but fun. Although they don't let you drive a boat by yourself, minimum two people. We had a little struggle between our two boats when they tried to overtake us but Karin rammed their boat into the side barricade. Don't mess with us. Hahaha There's also a driving school were you can drive lego cars, but those are for kids only... They turned us away. T.T

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After taking most of the rides twice, we spent quite a bit of our afternoon time in the Build & Test area. There are TONS of blocks around the whole room. We were building random stuff (Iron Man masks, buildings, etc.) with big blocks. They have some sort of earthquake simulator platform on which you can make a building and test if it can withstand the earthquake! That's pretty cool. We were there for some time before we moved to the car building part of the room, which had TONS of small blocks you can make your cars/vehicles from. After building it you can challenge your friends to a race on the track, which has a cool starting barrier, countdowns and all. 

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Around Legoland you can also find stalls of carnival games, which seem simple enough but aren't super easy! The boys tried out this ball throwing game, where they had to get two balls in the basin, but it was so difficult to get them to stay inside. They just bounced out. Ale scored at a sure-win luck game where she had to fish out little dragons on platforms with numbers underneath them. She didn't get much points but she still won a cute little dragon!

There are many more small rides to take, but I think I won't spam you with those. Most of them go round and round, so you can imagine. Theres a manual fire engine race thing that's REALLY tiring (I think we were doing it wrong), also a train that you can take around the park (good for resting/snoozing). There's also a 4D show theatre there, and we caught one show (the racers one) but it wasn't very good... It got really boring after awhile because the characters don't say a word. But there was a part with fake snow, A LOT of fake snow that got in our hair and everything. I think that was as exciting as it got. Haha

We had food from the Pizza Mania (pizza & pasta), and snacked at the The Cafe, but honestly we didn't think the food was good. Theres a mall right opposite the park though so you can always grab some food there and go back in after if you want. 

Woohoo done okay I won't overwhelm you with info anymore. If you wanna see some of the Lego deco/figurines all around the park, it'll be in the next post! :)


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