Thursday, 16 May 2013


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Last weekend I attended the wedding of a childhood friend and I must say it was one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I've ever attended! It was held just off to the side in the Flower Dome of Gardens By The Bay. I usually do not carry around my camera to weddings, but you can see why I did this time! I don't know if I will ever attend another Gardens by the Bay wedding! The wedding ceremony was so lovely and beautifully simple.

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The post-ceremony activities were the fun part. It was carnival themed so there were booths everywhere around the room with so many things to do! AND FOOD GALORE!

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Besides the regular buffet table (which was hardly regular), there were also other food stands that had bites such as hot dogs, candy floss, popcorn, Sogurt froyo with as much toppings as I want (my favourite kind), and a Saybons crepe stand (which continuously saw a queue)!

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There were also booths with carnival games that you could win prizes from! The shooting game seen below earned me a KitKat. ^^ When there's chocolate involved it gets serious. Hahaha

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The ring toss game had cool prizes. You could win balloon clubs and hula hoops if you succeeded. It was pretty funny to see people of all ages lugging these large prizes around the wedding venue! Really cute idea!

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The photobooth by Hello Forever was simply wonderful. I love the backdrop, the lights, the huge-ass Mac screen that shows you your photos, the cute props, the fun assistant, the awesome quality prints. EVERYTHING. It made for really fantastic wedding memorabilia if you asked me. :D

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Hello Forever also had a second photobooth (shown above), but this one had a twist! Instead of a static photo, this one captured 60 shots (60 seconds) and you could dance around and do anything. They then print these photos out on the spot and make them into a small flipbook so you could watch yourself dancing around just be flipping through the pages really fast! That was something new and pretty cool indeed.

I really really enjoyed myself, getting to catch up with people I haven't met in quite some time and observing the festivities was also a joy! Its not often that I get to go to a wedding that has so many fun activities that the guests can have a good time doing. In fact, I think I didn't get to spend enough time there to eat and try everything. Hahaha They must have put in a lot of effort (and a lot of money) to have a wedding of this scale, but if you think from their perspective, it was worth it. After all its going to be the day they will definitely remember for the rest of their lives, so why not let all their family members and friends have a great time too? ;)


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