Friday, 26 April 2013


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We've talked about the different methods of scrapbooking, so lets get into the other little but important aspects of it! Photos are a major part of scrapbooking, in fact, it is the reason that I wanted to start scrapbooking. 

With the digital age, many of the photos we take end up displayed on Facebook, or simply stored in folders in our computers and hard disks. I longingly remember spending hours with my sister flipping through physical albums of photos that my mum lovingly put together (along with memorabilia from the places we visited). I miss that; I want to be able to flip through photos and reminisce on a lazy afternoon, and no not on the computer.

But if you've considered scrapbooking then you've probably considered this issue: the cost of printing photos. Estimating the amount of photos you'll print for scrapbooking, it isn't going to be cheap! Or even convenient, for some people.

Here are the 3 ways I have turned to for photos:
  1. Printing at Home.
    My mum bought a Canon photo printer quite a few years back so initially this was my go-to printing solution. I think in the long run the cost will be justified by the convenience and cheaper cost of each photo. However, the colours don't always come out right. Sometimes the colours come out a bit too saturated. This is especially so for black and white photos, where the photos came out with a slightly yellow tint.
  2. Photo Printing Shops
    Most of the time I print my photos at Harvey Norman Photo centres. I like the colour and quality, especially being able to print in matte (I love matte photos) and that the B&W always comes out just right. Its 25cents a piece, cheaper than most instant photo printing places. My aunt signed up to be a member and for a period of time I was able to get discounts with her card; each piece only cost 17cents! So I felt that was pretty good. I like this option the most. Though it might not be the most convenient option as I don't have one near me. This means I have to wait quite sometime while gathering photos to be printed, so that I can print all of them in one shot, making the most out of one trip.
  3. Online Printing Services
    There are now services in Singapore that allow you to order your prints online and have them delivered straight to you! The one that I've tried out is Portagram, a relatively new printing service that prints out your Instagrams! You can read my review hereThis is of course the most convenient of all the options. I mean, come on, you don't even have to set up a printer, buy photo paper, or go to the store! But I have yet to try one that gives me affordable prints with tip top photo quality, so let me know if you know of such a service!

If I could, I would print out every photo and extras even, so share them around with my friends and family. :) Eunice


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