Monday, 25 March 2013


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Last Saturday Handmade Movement Singapore held their first craft party of 2013 and I am so thankful to have been invited! For their first craft party, they decided to have a community quilt sewing session. Each person sews a quilt square to contribute to the quilt that they are planning to display at their next craft fair in December. Sewing is definitely something I'm pretty terrible at and I haven't sewn much before, so I was initially apprehensive, but decided that it would be fun to try!

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I attended this craft party with my lovely friend YeeShan who went around taking all these photos with my camera while I was rushing to finish my project so its thanks to her that I have pictures to show you this time! Yay!

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There were TONS of fabrics all laid out, super coordinated, on the table for us to choose from. I think everyone was totally spoilt for choice that day. These were the fabrics YeeShan and I picked out for our projects! We didn't really know how to start at first, but once we started to get into it we just winged it. While everyone was working on our quilt squares, Lindsey (who's part of the HMSG team) gave us a live demo of her impressive finger knitting technique. Have to remind myself to try that soon! 

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Everyone was done by this time. I'm not sure why I'm always so slowww. Haha

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These were our finished quilt squares! (Rectangle in my case) YeeShan had an impromptu moment when she decided to stuff her leaf with extra felt, making it like a little poofy pillow. ^^

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Look at all the quilt squares! And these two really pretty ones made by lovely ladies who were at the craft party. Cute and creative!

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All in all I had a good peaceful afternoon sewing with YeeShan and I hope she enjoyed it too! I can't wait to see what other craft parties HMSG has planned for this year while they build up to their Holiday Market in December! 

You can follow them on Facebook here it you don't want to miss out on their updates. If you want to read more about their craft parties, you can read about the first one I attended here, or check out their blog or Facebook to have a look at the other past events! :) Eunice

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