Saturday, 30 March 2013


 photo minigolf07_zpse724fe62.jpg  photo minigolf03_zps02659918.jpg  photo minigolf05_zps5d14f083.jpg  photo minigolf02_zps12445c97.jpg  photo minigolf06_zpsb379ce20.jpg
My friend Jo snapped this shot after I mind-controlled the arena and made the unbelievable possible. X)

 photo minigolf04_zpsb0932df8.jpg  photo minigolf01_zpsb39b5647.jpg
All the macro shots above (including this one) were taken by Moses, who announced "Artistic Shot!" before he took each of those photos. Hahaha

 photo eastcoastpark01_zps52c8cd50.jpg  photo eastcoastpark02_zps65910a70.jpg
I freaked out just a liiiitle after putting on the Kangoo Jumps shoes. I couldn't find my balance and went into a fit of laughter. Mo & Jo had to tell me what to do, like "JOG ON THE SPOT!". Which I apparently could not even do right.

 photo eastcoastpark03_zpse8323c1a.jpg

I spent a lovely Good Friday afternoon with three of my favourite people in the world. We went mini-golfing! I know what you're thinking, but mini-golf is not just for little kids, it takes skill okay. Hahaha And anyway we're a competitive bunch so we take our games seriously! I'm just glad I didn't come out in the last place. X) After that the guys wanted to try out Kangoo Jumps (read: bouncy shoes) so we rented those for an hour and hung around East Coast Park. Lucky for us the sun was hiding behind the clouds that day, so the weather wasn't too hot. 

The rain started pouring once we left in the evening, just like it does every late afternoon on Good Friday in the past years. Well, in the country where I live at least. I don't know about you, but I believe that God is reminding me that Jesus died for me on the cross on this day back then, and even nature is crying over his selfless sacrifice. Thank you.

I hope you had and will have a wonderful Easter Weekend. :) Eunice


  1. Hi, came across your blog and adore your photos..may i ask in this post, which number in VSCO CAM did you use to edit your pictures..thank and greatly appreciated! cheers!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I wish I could be of help but sadly I don't use VSCO Cam to edit my photos. Most of the time the photos on my blog are taken with my camera (not my phone) so I edit them using photoshop on my computer. Sorry!

    2. oh wow! your edits come off exactly as if it has been edited with vsco..good job! if i may ask, which photoshop software did you used to edit your pictures then? thanks and have a lovely day ahead!

    3. Glad you like them! I use Photoshop CS5! :)