Saturday, 17 November 2012



Life has been pretty much like so this month. If there wasn't project work, there were important tests and exams or difficult essays to complete. But only for three more weeks! On my final day of exams I'm already scheduled to be at the filming of a (secret) short clip, and the week after I've signed myself up for a stamp carving workshop! Even though I already carve my own stamps, I've been looking forward to attend one of Handmade Movement SG's craft parties so I'm going just for the fun of it, and I'm sure I'll pick up great tips! 

Alongside all the exciting upcoming plans, I must share that I also gave up some great opportunities for experience. While I wish I didn't have to, I wanted to be able to make time for meeting up with friends and accomplishing my projects to-do list in the longest break I would get in my school year (1 month!). Its kind of depressing to think I won't be having a 3 month break like my friends in other Universities, but I'll pull through... I hope!

Alright, I've got to go hit the books now, but when my December break comes, there will definitely be more activity around here so you can be sure to look forward to that!! Eunice

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