Monday, 23 December 2013


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Hey! The past two weeks, after my exams were over, had been a pretty busy time for me, with being sick and preparing for my church's youth camp, so I had to make the tough choice to let the blog be instead of posting all the wonderful things I had initially planned to. But I'm back! Its only about a week to 2014 and boy is that scary fast.

I have quite the obsession with organization and documentation, which explains my love for schedulers and to-do lists. The source of this obsession may or may not have to do with the fact that I have a terrible memory, so terrible that I have a tough time recalling what I did on my 16th birthday, therefore I have this desire to document everything so that I can look back on all the little things that may have most likely been forgotten. One of my favourite past journals to read through is a quote book in which I wrote down quotes of all the nice and funny things my friends said everyday, and it still warms me up inside today. Maybe I should pick up that habit of taking note of those again.

When new year comes around, one of my favourite things to do is being able to bust out a fresh new scheduler and decide how I want to document things in the new year. I've been using the same system (simple noting of events) for about two years now, but I might want to re-try a quote journal or a thankful journal next year. 

As you can expect, I am always, always on the look out for new schedulers that fit my needs (preferably monthly view with spacious boxes). But recently, my sister returned from Korea with quite the number of Artbox schedulers that can last me for at least the next five years, so I am pretty much on a scheduler ban right now. But what about you? Have you found a calendar/scheduler for 2014? Here are some I've been ogling at online that you can consider!

kikki.K has always delivered with it's diaries. Like this one. Or this one.

I am loving The Local Calendar, by Singapore-based online store italicandbold, which was designed by the designer behind X spots the mark.

I love Artbox schedulers and I love this super simple one that I have. But I do not love the local price. If you happen to be in Korea, you can get it at slightly more than 50% cheaper, I kid you not.

You know how much I love handlettering. This calendar features the work of many handletterers and illustrators and is so pretty I could stare at it all year.

MochiThings has quite the number of schedulers and planners to choose from. If you're looking for one that includes extensive coverage of year to month to week to day, this one might suit you!

Typo has its own collection of 2014 calendars and diaries you can take a look at.

With only 8 more days till 2014, I hope you find one that suits you! :) Eunice

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