Saturday, 23 November 2013


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My group and I had to work on a poster for our communications theory class. We slogged on it, presented it, handed it up, and now we're done! I really enjoyed working on this because it was my first time working on anything other than photos in photoshop, so I learned a lot in the process. There was a lot of googling involved too ('how to change the colour of a vector in photoshop', 'how to change size of a layer in photoshop'), but forcing me to work on it really drilled the key commands into my head. Now I just need more projects to practice on... Okay I might regret saying that. Hahaha

Learning how to use Illustrator is and has been on my 20 before 21 list, and I fully intend to start on it after my exams and youth camp commitments end. I'm quite excited! Digitising my illustrations and handlettering has been on my mind, so its about time to learn how to do that! 


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