Tuesday, 22 October 2013


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Luna Park was one of the things on my should-I-or-should-I-not-go list because I love amusement parks and theme parks but everyone was telling me how terrible the rides are. But for such an old school one like Luna Park, I really wanted to go in (free entry with no rides), take a look around and get some shots. Which I did in the end I guess, only issue being: the park was closed. We went around 5+ on a Monday evening and just so happened that day it closed at 4.30pm. Oh bummer. Though I did get in some lovely shots as we walked down the pathway next to the park. So here's my from-outside-the-fence tour of the deserted Luna Park after hours.

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There's just this eerie feel to empty amusement parks don't you think? Like they should never be empty. Or this silent. 

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The path running next to Luna Park has a gorgeous view too.

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One of my favourite shots. I have always wanted to take ferris wheel photos. Especially amusement park ferris wheels. It makes me happy just looking at them.

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I must say I think I couldn't have picked a better buddy for this trip. He's super understanding about my excessive photo-taking, really patient, and we also hardly ran out of things to talk about during the trip, even while wasting time around Luna Park as we waited for a ferry to come and pick us up after a sort of wasted trip. Thank you Jo! :)



  1. LOVE the photos, especially the last one. Facebook profile picture worthy (if he had fb hahaha)

    1. Thanks Gen! :) And I know right?? I love that photo of him! If only. X)