Friday, 22 February 2013


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Have you been to the Southeast Asia Aquarium in Sentosa? I know quite a number of my friends have so I was quite excited to visit it! We brought my little niece along so she could get see the beautiful underwater creatures!

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 photo oceanarium08_zps6cff49e6.jpg
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 photo oceanarium02_zps63bd600f.jpg photo oceanarium05_zpsd75e8d40.jpg photo oceanarium06_zpsd6c02eb8.jpg photo oceanarium07_zps90becfac.jpg photo oceanarium09_zps9a7e8279.jpg
Looking at the all the unique and incredible creatures there were, its just impossible to deny that God is amazing, and His work is impressive. 
The whole place was so much better than the Underwater World, which was really disappointing went I visited last year, but be prepared to battle the crowds! :) Eunice

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