Thursday, 9 August 2012


For the blue birthday party we had for my sister, we ran low on decorations due to an underestimation on my part of the amount of streamers we would need to decorate the whole house. Haha And our dining table looked pretty plain so I use the napkins mum bought to make a pompom flower to sit among the food.

1. I cut two napkins up into squares. They were 4 ply and so I ended up with 8 sheets. 2. Stack them up and fold them up like an accordion. Secure in the centre with a twist tie. 3. Use a pair of scissors to round the edges, this will give it more of a flowery look. 4. Gently pull each piece towards the centre, 4 pieces towards the front and 4 towards the back. Even them out until its in the shape of a ball.

5. Add a wooden skewer or any stick to create the 'stalk' of the flower. What I did was stick it into the twist tie, but for something more permanent you could try adhering it with glue or tape. 


And tada! That's all it took. I learned the general how to from the Martha Stewart website, so check it out! There they are looking at making those really big pompoms that hang from the ceiling. Which could be cute, if I was that kind of girl. ;) Eunice

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