Wednesday, 5 February 2014


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I did say I had enough of aquariums, but I guess the River Safari has a pretty good balance of land and sea animals, so I'll let it slide. This week was my first visit to the relatively new park, and so while everything seemed new and interesting, I must admit I was expecting more (animals, shows, areas, etc). The Amazon River Quest boat ride was too fast, short (and silent), and once you missed the animal that was it. You only get to take it once, and it seems like it is only temporarily complimentary. Now that I've sat on it, if I had to pay for the ride next time, I probably wouldn't... Haha! 

However, I did enjoy observing the pandas, red pandas, crazy big manatees, and the giant river otters. Many of the animals we came across were sleeping, but thats probably a time issue. We also learned some cool facts about animals (some hard to forget), and had a lot of fun making tons of jokes along the way. If you ask me if the River Safari is fun, I will probably tell you I can't say for certain, but its the company you have with you as you make your way around that makes it fun. :)


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