Monday, 27 January 2014


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Its a slow monday here on the 27th. School started last Friday, and I'm currently trying to stay awake through my Monday 5hr break (result of a terrible class timetable). So here's a little peek at what I've been up to!

I got my hands on The Happiness Project at the library last week, and I'm determined to read from cover to cover this time. I've been getting too used to articles and blog posts, I need train up on reading long chapters again. Haha
So far, its been a good and interesting read (I also looked through Gretchen Rubin's website as I started on the book). There have already been a few lines that have left their mark on me and have got me thinking a lot. I am struggling with thoughts about whether it is selfish for me to want to be happier, despite being so blessed and loved in many ways, as compared to many others. But the arguing thoughts in my head have agreed that wanting to be happier doesn't mean wanting more, but instead learning to be happier with what I have and what I'm given. But is it selfish to focus on such things when clearly I am generally a happy/blessed person? I'm still thinking about it.

On the side, I've been working on hand-lettered and hand-drawn elements for a project that makes me nervous, but haven't really gotten to the heart of it yet. I do think it'll be really good digitising practice, and well, good practice in general though, so I'm glad to be given the chance to work on it!

On another note, I attended my first advertising class today, and my lecturer gave us much personal insight to the advertising industry. It seems like an interesting yet scary world to be in, but while I'm still in the safe, controlled environment of school, I'm pretty excited to be taking advertising this semester, especially since it seems like its going to be less theory and more hands on. Sounds like a lot or work, but I think it'll be a rewarding experience.

With school gradually picking up its momentum, I'm hoping I'll still be able to find the time to work on projects for the blog. Priority is school work first, of course, but I think I'll manage somehow. 

Alright, going to go read a chapter before I have to head back to school for my afternoon lesson, which is a writing course I'm sort of dreading. Snooze. X)


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