Wednesday, 22 January 2014


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Super Simple Photobooth Hairband Props!

Here's a DIY idea that not only requires just two simple items, its also easy to whip up last minute for any party or photobooth that could use some props! 

Pipe cleaners are the perfect material for this project, because they can be bent any way you want them to, giving you almost unlimited freedom in your creativity for this project. I chose the sparkly ones, but there are also furry ones you can use. Also, hairbands that are flat (wider width) are more suitable because the pipe cleaners will shift around less.

Here are some ideas!

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If you want to make shapes like those above, they are easy because they are made of simple lines, and do not require too many contact points with the hairband, only 1-2 per strand. This is good, because remember, each contact point should preferably be wrapped around the hairband so that the pipe cleaners are secure. They are pretty flimsy, and easily bent even after securing, so remember to be gentle with them. 

Off the top of my head, some other ideas that would work easily: Mickey ears, antlers, Yoda ears (more towards the side of the head), the Sims PlumbBob, any of the Teletubbies antennas.

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Here's something a little more trickier. I went into this project with the idea that I would make tons of words with these pipe cleaners, but man, it was not as easy as I expected. 

Words require a lot of contact points with the hairband (almost one for every letter), and also preferably, the letters should all be connected to make them sturdier. This makes it hard because we can't use one length of pipe cleaner as it is. It needs to be cut up (not all letters link easily to the next, like 'B' or 'D'), and usually requires more than one length because letters require a lot of bending. This is a problem because if you bend/twist the sparkly pipe cleaners too much, the shiny strands detach from the wires and fall all over your workspace. So if you can, plan (draw) it out in advance so you can hopefully get it right in one shot.

Not just letters, numbers would be a good idea too! Maybe I should make some with 2015 across for the next new year. Or, 21, since everyone my age is turning 21 this year. Ideally I would go for larger words, but I did not have enough pipe cleaners on hand. You should take into consideration the size of what you want to have when you go out to buy pipe cleaners! From my experience, you always think you need less than you actually do. Haha

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So there you have it! Super simple right? Oh one more important note: make sure none of the ends are on the bottom side of the hairband. You wouldn't want to scratch or cut your scalp when you put on one of these! Make sure all sharp ends are winded/tucked away tightly above the hairband!


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