Wednesday, 4 December 2013


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So three weeks ago I dedicated a post to pop-up books that I wish I had. While doing up that post, I came across something pretty awesome: the DIY Pop-Up section on the websites of the paper engineers of those incredible books. 

I decided I had to try them for myself, because I thought making them on my own would give me some clue as to how pop-ups worked. And I can safely say I don't think it enlightened me much. Haha But it was still fun. I love my transformers. I even made GIFs to show you! (First try at making GIFs too) Haha

 photo bumblebeepopup_zps23974fa1.gif
 photo optimuspopup_zps1940830e.gif

Are the GIFs giving you a headache, because they are starting to give me one. Haha I especially love how Bumblebee transforms from a car. These are the Transformers Pop-ups from, one of my favourite paper engineers, Matthew Reinhart's DIY section. He has uploaded tons of neat DIY Pop-ups there, including Star Wars characters like Chewbacca and Darth Vader. These would make fun art projects to do with children, because they are all part colouring pages. If I had nephews instead of nieces, I would have let them make these with me. But I guess my niece might like pop-up bears and stuff too.

Robert Sabuda also has his own DIY section, where the pop-ups are more generic stuff like animals and flowers. Which I guess would make for good templates if you want to make a pop-up card!

 photo transformerspopup_zps7c4aebae.jpg

Pretty neat? They sure are. If you feel like you're too old to make them without "helping" a kid make one, heres the assurance you needed to hear: You are never too old for pop-ups. Now go get some markers, scissors, and glue and get crafting!

Just thought I should add: I used regular paper to make these because that is all I had at home, but if you have slightly thicker paper, that would certainly make for sturdier pop-ups!



  1. Hello, my name is Patricia and I´m looking for this Layout from this Transformer-card. Can you help me please ?