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So initially, this post was scheduled to go up in the middle of next week, but for reasons you will find out in just a bit, I just had to share it with you now! 

Here I have rounded up 5 fun products you can make that will breathe new life into your Instagram photos, and I'm pretty sure you have tons of those. Definitely, these are not new products and have been in the market for quite some time, but I thought it would be fun to round them up in case you have not come across some of them!

1. Projecteo
This is the one I am insanely excited about. Remember the super rad View-Master Mo had gotten me earlier this year? You liked it? Well, you might like this too! Projecteo is a miniature slide projector for your Instagram shots. You get to pick 9 Instagram photos that are inserted into a teeny tiny black wheel, which goes into this incredibly tiny projector. All you need is a dark room, and you can project your images up on the walls. Honestly, you need to go to their website and check it out yourself.

A Projecteo unit and one wheel of photos will cost you USD$34.98 with free worldwide shipping, and you can order additional wheels at USD$8.99. But because Black Friday sales are upon us, you can now use the code "PRESENTEO" to get a Projecteo and TWO wheels for USD$34.98! You can check out this and other discount codes on their Facebook page. Also, if you intend to ship this in for (a lucky) someone this christmas, you might want to get your order in latest by 2nd December! Now you get why I had to post this earlier! Next week would have been too late. 

2. Printstagram Tinybook
Who cares about regular sized photobooks? I don't know what is with me and miniature stuff today but can you fault me for falling in love with these? Printstagram produces tons of products but this one is my favourite. Each Tinybook holds 24 pictures, and they are sold in sets of 3 for USD$10. So you can either pick 3 copies of the same 24 photos or 72 different photos spread across 3 books. I really do love these. Can you imagine a miniature library of Tinybooks filled with your photos? Who wouldn't want to flip through these?

3. Origrami
I have seen a few friends posting about their Origrami prints and I'm just sitting there drooling over them. Sure there are tons of companies now that you can use to print your Instagram shots (even in Singapore), but Origrami (Sydney-based) has an x-factor, and with free shipping. 

With Origrami, your prints come with information about the photo on its back, such as your account name, date you posted the photo, and the number of likes you photo has received. There will either be a colourful graphic, chosen from design themes, or a photo map of where your photo was taken, if you're into the whole geo-tagging thing. The prints are also packed in this cute little kraft box. These are like the epitome of prints, UNLESS, you are printing them out to stick it down permanently somewhere, then I would say, don't waste your money and just get them printed at local printing shops.

4. Casetagram
Your favourite photos wrapped around your phone? That gets a yes from me. Though probably not faces of family and friends. If my phone gets stolen I don't want a stranger knowing all the faces of the people I love. Casetagram allows you to customise your phone cover with either your Facebook or Instagram photos. They have tons of layouts you can choose from that allow different numbers and sizes of photos. And to make it even easier, you can design your own through their Casetagram app on your smart phone! It is kind of pricy though, at $34.95 for an iPhone4 case. I would very much rather pay the same price for the Projecteo mentioned above. But I thought I would just throw this option out there.
Edit: 2nd Decemeber only, use CYBER25 to get 25% off all orders site-wide!

5. Printstagram Mini Stickers
The first line on their webpage says: "You'd be surprised how much fun it is to have your Instagram photos on little stickers." Um, no I won't be, because I already imagine it to be pretty awesome. They kind of remind me of those small rectangular sticker neoprints we used to take when we were kids. Printstagram's Mini Stickers come in a little book, with 126 stickers in it. They sell it in sets of 2 books for USD$10, so thats 252 stickers in total. I am already thinking of how fun it would be to run around sticking Instagrams of friends on those friends. Or to use the stickers to seal envelopes. So many options!

So that's it for my list of 5 products you can make to display your Instagram shots in a whole new way. I hope something caught your eye, and if you're planning to get any of these as christmas gifts, order them early! Especially for the Projecteo. Black Friday sales are upon us this Friday so you can wait to see if there will be discounts offered for the other products!


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