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On the 23rd of February, my friend Gen and I attended Fictive Finger's fabric printing workshop! Gen enjoys getting crafty too so I was psyched that we could spend some crafty time together before she had to go back overseas. If you remember, I attended another class by Fictive Fingers back in December but under HMSG (if you don't you can read about it here!), and that one was about carving rubber stamps and printing on paper. In the one I attended recently, we learnt more about printing on fabric using silkscreens and rubber stamps. I guess its quite obvious that print making is quite interesting to me. Haha
(This time, the official in-class pictures were available! Yay!)

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credit for the above 3 images: taken from Fictive Fingers Facebook page, taken by Abigail

Because I've been carving stamps myself, the highlight of this class for me was learning about making homemade silkscreen designs. The whole class was pretty interesting, especially with Aisah and Hani giving in-depth tips and advice on the different products that were available out there for printing, also sharing and demonstrating their experiences with different techniques. They actually made what we were supposed to do look really easy! But to be honest it sure wasn't easy. The technique itself was simple enough but I think I struggled with the implementation. Hahaha Gen and I didn't manage to finish in time (2nd class, and the 2nd time I'm holding Aisah and the team back. Sorry!), but we had fun, and now we have a blank silkscreen to play around with at home!

 photo printing05web_zpseaefa93f.jpgWe both decided on hot air balloons, but with a different concept. Gen wanted stamped hot air balloons amongst silkscreened clouds, I wanted hot air balloon outlines stamped onto silkscreened circles. Left: Gens, Right: Mine.

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These are the designs we silkscreened onto the fabric provided. Its such a pity we didn't get to stamp our hot air balloons on it during the class, but it still looked good! Love Gen's clouds. <3 

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After taking my uncompleted project home, I decided to stamp my hot air balloons but I found out I only had red fabric paint (and from a long long long time ago) so I had no choice. Instead of having brightly coloured hot air balloon outlines on dark grey circles, I had to use dark red on dark grey, which didn't exactly turn out the way I wish it did... Hahaha So above is a picture of my end result, but in black and white. Just so you get the idea of what I was going for. ^^

By the way guys, Fictive Fingers just put out a whole range of new workshops, so if you want to treat yourself and learn more about the different techniques of print making this March, check out their workshop page here! :) Eunice

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