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So before I start I must tell you I hate goal setting. Yup, thats right, I do. But I came to realize that I hate goal setting because I never achieved them, whether it was academic goals that they forced encouraged us to set in school or whether it was weekly goals that I put up on my own initiative. (I think there are some goals on my weekly goals chart that have been there for at least 3 months now.) Setting new year goals are something I have never done because having to think for 365 days of the year seems extremely daunting, and I am someone who is very afraid of failure. 

Well, this year I decided to do it because now I have the people who read this blog to hold me accountable to them. Secret goals never work. 
Have I told you about someone very amazing who sets out to inspire her blog readers with her videos every tuesday? I'm talking about Alex Beadon, who focuses to inspire others using her professional photography business background as an example. She is also the one who mentioned the quote I have on my about page. Yesterday she published a new Chatty Tuesday video talking about choosing goals and I used that as the backbone to set mine because I felt that her way of setting goals according to feelings was a way I could really picture what I wanted out of the year. (See the post and video here.)

To start, I followed her steps and listed out all my 2012 accomplishments (which I will be honest, wasn't many) and the 5 feelings I would like to feel in 2013. The third step was to identify 5 goals to match each feeling. So here they are:

1. Inspired
I always read about how people come up with the best and most original ideas when they get inspired but I don't really feel like I'm inspired very often. Maybe because I spend time unnecessarily on things that are brainless and drain my motivation to do things. So my action plan for this is to spend less time on things that provide nothing (try and stop playing sims social) and focus on things that feed my soul be it educational, spiritual or creative things.

2. Accomplished
I ended 2012 with the feeling that I did not get much done in the one year that I had the most free time (8 months), and realizing this only in youth camp in December really made me feel really crappy. I don't want that to happen this year again. On the 31/12/13 I want to look back on my year and say yes, I feel like the year didn't go to waste. To work on this, my goal is to work hard and start early with regards to my school work such that I feel like I deserve good grades and maintain my GPA or do even better that what I have now. I also want to see that I have kept to my priorities, which includes growing stronger in my walk with God, and spending quality time with my loved ones.

3. Refreshed 
I think this might be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. The feeling of being refreshed after a period of mundanity is so relieving and hopeful. Learning new things/skills and doing what I love are just two things that make me feel refreshed. My action plan to work towards this is to look for opportunities to pick up new skills and rekindle the fire for the things I used to be passionate about.

4. Love
Alex Beadon mentioned this and I thought it was important. I want to love my life, love what I am doing, love all that I have, and have love for everyone around me. My goal is to be contented and grateful for all the things God has provided me, putting aside jealousy, anger and revenge. That also means striving to forgive and forget. I also want to look for ways to give back and show love to others. 

5. Bulletproof
This was the first one in Alex's list and it never occurred to be important to me. It includes feeling confidence, feeling unstoppable and being assertive. Somewhere along the way I had dropped off the confidence track. I became worried about what people thought of me, cautious about what I said, and actually believing and convincing myself that I was unable to do well at anything. I sort of believe that the long period of staying at home last year caused a dampen on my social skills. People became scary and unfriendly. I felt like I was bothering others or wasting their time when I talked to them, and that mentality slowly gave me characteristics I am not proud of. Until today I'm still working on fixing that. What I want to do this year is gain my confidence back through a positive outlook. I want to be unafraid of challenges, tell myself I can do it, and jump headfirst into acing my studies, seizing opportunities and meeting all the goals I set today. Besides, Matthew 19:26 says: 'With God, all things are possible.' Thus, I will place my confidence in God and trust that he will lead me to the outcome he has planned for me. 

Phew, I'm sorry if I bore you with my lengthy wordy post. I think I did this more for me. And I'm really glad I did it. It gives me sort of a direction as I go into 2013, and that gives me some comfort rather than going in blindly and unsure. Do you set goals for the new year? I encourage you to try it out, whether you use this method or others, because I'm sure it will enlighten you in some way. One year from now let's look back together on the goals we set yesterday/today/tomorrow and say yes, we accomplished all of it. :)

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